28 Apr 2015
DAY 1- 26 APRIL 2015

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The tour began with all enthusiastic participants meeting at KDL at 5h30 in the morning on Sunday 26th. The superb catering committee ensured that tea/coffee and risks were on hand. With the sun rising we left KDL for the first meeting point, Stonehaven. Now the vibe really picked up as bikes were off loaded kit wad put on, KDL boys laying Tefillin and sun cream spray all over the place.

A quick group picture and Group C departed en route to Heilbron followed by Group B and then the masters of the road Group A. After 66km of riding we arrived in Heilbron and stopped for the much needed rest with refreshments to re-energise the riders. Again our catering committee were on form.

The heat was picking up and some tired legs were starting to show up as well, understandably. Off to Frankfort we went, along the way some goals were achieved, we had to look after a parent who was dehydrated and was battling with oxygen levels but after a good stint in the private inic in Frankfort with drips and other injections Malcolm Katz recovered superbly. Another superb stop with rolls, fruit, water and juice and that was lunch. The final 30km's to our first sleep over before us the entire group set off... a wrong turn took us an extra 10km's or so but around 17h30 we ushered in our final 2 riders. With some power issues at base camp and an ecosystem at the lower camp the night was enjoyed by all with a braai and some thank you words. Day 2 beckons....