28 Apr 2015
DAY 2 - 27 APRIL 2015

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Team Liberty on Day 2 The daily management of Bikes Glorious sunset to end Day 2

6h30 was breakfast and what a superb breakfast it was. Everything the riders needed. We boarded transport to make our way to the point of bike departure. In misty clouds we got going en route to the Drakensberg. Surprisingly all riders gradually got into the ride with the first stretch set for 60km's. All riders completed this really well and after a quick refreshment stop and some riders getting aboard support transport we carried on theo the anticipated Sterkfontein pass, which remains an incomplete road. Most riders really wanted to ride the his one way road which had fierce uphill and stones all over.

Time was beginning to catch up with but we got to the Drakensberg Drive pass and guzzle down a quick lunch and after a stern warning to maintain control on the down hills we headed into our final 45km's. With down hills and wind the KDL group made their way responsibly except for 3 riders who missed the turn to our accommodation and landed 8km's off the route. No issues, support transport raced back to collect the riders and secure their safety with the sun making its way down our 2nd nights accommodation was welcomed by all on tour. The school children once again showed incredible guts and determination to never give up and to continuously challenge themselves to break records and their own obstacles. Our parents as well show the amazing nature of support and care to the riding kids whilst enjoying it all at the same time.

Our support staff making it all that much easier on and off the road.

Next up the final day, Day 3.